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About Us

Kacena Farms


Our family purchased 20 acres of bare farmland – built a house – and planted 3,000 Christmas Tree seedlings. 

Our dream of owning a Christmas Tree Farm came to life as we officially opened Kacena Farms for business selling OUR first Christmas Tree.  Despite the fact we only sold a total of six (6) trees that first year, we totally fell in love with the experience of owning a Christmas Tree Farm and helping families make memories – the magical kind - that will live inside their hearts forever.

The opportunity came up to add a 40-year pumpkin farm business to our farm … and so we did.  Together, as a family, we expanded Kacena Farms, and have been growing and selling Pumpkins ever since.

We decided to expand Kacena Farms once again, this time adding a  beautiful wedding venue. After all, who wouldn’t want to get married in a beautiful barn at a Christmas Tree and Pumpkin Farm …

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